Erasing Erasers


Dynamo from The Running Man is by far the single most ridiculous antagonist of all time. 


there is nothing that isnt funny about “consummate vs”

I wish this senior thesis was about proving how, no matter what angle of analysis taken, “consummate v’s” are always funny. 

I’ve already got a title: “Consummate Vs: People Wouldn’t Know Majesty If It Came Up and Slapped Them in the Face”

I listen to metal with foreign language lyrics while I write because it’s the sonic equivalent of my output.

Incomprehensible technical jargon. 

The only thing making me write this Senior Thesis is that I promised myself to buy 2K14 after I finish. 

I’m writing the next big postmodern novel and it’s gonna be called Fun Rock.

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oh my god I just died

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Happy Easter Xbox

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My bedspread just arrived.


My bedspread just arrived.

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